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Three Blind Mice (AKA: I'm running away)

Three blind mice

They aren't blind but mice don’t have great vision, they depend on touch and smell more.

See how they run

Multiple people saw them running here!

They all ran after the farmer’s wife

In this case, the restaurant’s food though that doesn’t rhyme.

Who cut off their tails with a carving knife

Poor pest management, go for the head, losing their tails won’t impact them as much.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A video… maybe a million? So what does this video say to you?

Anyone seeing this is not going to be eating at that particular establishment in the airport. Would you want to eat a piece of that quiche the mouse has run over, taken bites out of, and left behind hair, urine, and feces? If this restaurant is part of a larger chain, all of these restaurants are now going to have a bad reputation. About two months ago, a NYC Chipotle site made the news (with pictures) because of a rat infestation. Those who have seen the articles and pictures are unlikely to eat at that site, and are probably thinking twice about other Chipotle sites too.

What surprises me about this video is not that there are at least two (I think I see a third) mice running around on food that is likely to be served to the next unsuspecting customer. It’s the fact that there are at least two employees working at the site that seem totally unphased by the mice. There are multiple people taking pictures and videos (damaging the brand’s reputation) and they are not doing anything to contain the mice, remove the food, or even let the customers know there is someone on the way to deal with the issue.

So like the three blind mice (I swear there are three in this video), they are quick and running back and forth to their food sources. They run after a food source that people have conveniently provided for them and if good pest management techniques aren’t put in place, you won’t make a dent in their populations and the damage will be exponential. Not to mention the reputational damage from social media.

It’s hard to estimate exactly how much money you will lose due to a pest issue. There is the direct loss of infested foods, removal, clean up, and shut downtime. Reputational losses can be long term. Comment below with your ongoing pest issue.

And just for fun, you have to check this out... made me laugh!

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