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Why 360 Pest  Consulting?

Why hire us?

You need us because we can improve your pest control service with the most recent scientific advancements and the best troubleshooting abilities. You will reduce call-backs and have happier customers who will refer you to their neighbors, friends, and family. Employees will have more job satisfaction because they are empowered with engaging training and an expert to call when they run into issues. We are able to provide product and equipment recommendations as well as best practices for best results. 

It all starts with service so as your service improves, your reputation and customers increase, and you retain staff longer. 


Consider the cost of lost customers, recalls, a bad review, or worse, pictures of your site or product with a pest on social media. Hiring an experienced professional can mean more customized solutions, faster resolution, and often long-term cost savings.

I'm Chelle Hartzer

Chelle Hartzer grew up in New Hampshire, hiking and being outdoors as much as possible. Going to college at the University of Delaware, her initial major was not entomology*. After two years at the university, she decided to change paths. Discovering there was an entomology program (and looking it up to see what “entomology” was), she decided it sounded neat and switched majors (to the extreme disappointment of her mother**). While there, she worked with a professor on honey bee research, caring for up to 27 hives at a time and conducting research projects.

She decided to continue her education and was accepted to Kansas State University as a Master's student. While there she was exposed to many aspects of entomology such as crops***, wildlife, and veterinary, and even helped build the insect zoo that is still there today.

From there, she worked in Florida for about four years before returning to Kansas. This time working as a full time research technician for both the USDA and KSU in Manhattan, KS ^. Gaining experience in stored product pests, food production sites, packaging production, and other performing other stored product research projects.

Like most in the pest control field, she never considered it, yet found herself in it. She started working for the Industrial Fumigant Company (IFC). She obtained her Board Certified Entomologist (BCE) credential at the beginning of her tenure there. During her time at IFC she participated in fumigations^^, foggings, and regular service. She was in charge of staff training and developed the first recorded “new hire” trainings the company ever had. Considering the sensitive nature of food processing and storage sites, she became an authority in food safety laws and audit standards as they applied to pest management. She was consistently visiting different sites to troubleshoot tough pest issues and get the sites back on track.

From there, her career continued at the corporate office of Rollins^^^ in Atlanta, GA where she was a Technical Manager. Expanding her skills into residential and other markets, she used the same troubleshooting, training, and entomology skills to better educate employees making their service better and reducing callbacks. She worked in particularly tricky sites like large art museums, zoos, pharmaceutical facilities, aircraft, sports stadiums, and food processing sites. Chelle also assisted Orkin International Franchises.

Over all that time, she has become an expert in urban pests from ants to wasps~. She has worked on tough rodent issues and is a specialist in their control and behavior. She continues to stay up to date on all the recent science.

That brought her to 360 Pest Consulting. She realized big companies had their fleet of entomologists and trainers, while smaller companies did not. If they were big enough they had a full time entomologist, or if not, they had to rely on Google and Facebook. She believed everyone should have access to the scientific and technical resources that improve service and solve pest problems faster. Just on the smaller scale they needed it.

She now helps those small and mid-sized pest control companies looking to grow by improving service, reducing their callbacks, and increasing retention. They get expert training, troubleshooting, and audit assistance on a fractional basis. She also helps industry clients to solve ongoing pest problems and work with their pest control partners better.

If you are interested in hiring Chelle to be your entomologist to have on staff, you will be ahead of your competition and continue to build your company. 

*It was pre-med, that didn't work so well. 

**She told me my life was over and the only thing I could do was be a park ranger. I had never thought of park ranger and that sounded cool!

*** Found out I really like field work, I HATE fields. 

^ AKA the "Little Apple"

^^ We had gas!

^^^ AKA the "Big O"

~ You try to come up with a common pest that starts with "z".

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Who we work with:

We work with growing pest control companies and with numerous other industries. We consult with food processing and storage, hospitality, high risk warehousing, and more. We work with sensitive accounts like laboratories, museums, pharmaceuticals, and other locations that are especially sensitive to pest issues or present unique challenges to implementing pest management programs. We consult with growing pest control companies that do not have their own in-house technical experts. 

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