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Why Choose 360 Pest and Food Safety Consulting?

I'm Chelle Hartzer

I've been working in the pest management industry for over a decade. From commercial to residential, small accounts to huge facilities, all across the country and internationally. I have extensive experience in audited accounts and working with accounts that have a high level of risk and low tolerance to any pest issues. Getting to the root of the problem, having knowledge of the best tools to mitigate issues, and in-depth experience of how pest management works in practice allows for fast resolution. 

My degrees are in entomology and I am a Board Certified Entomologist in Urban and Structural Entomology. I'm also a Preventative Controls Qualified Individual for the food industry. 

360 PFSC was also recently recognized as one of the small businesses of the year for Gwinnett County, Georgia!

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Why hire us?

Think of all the things you need to do every day to run your business. Worrying about having accurate technical and entomology knowledge shouldn't be one of those things. Instead of wondering if you have the right protocols, plans, and support, you can depend on us to solve pest problems faster, train technicians better, and have better customer retention with your better services. 

Whether you are a large company that’s having a consistent pest issue that doesn’t seem to be improving or struggling with third party audit problems a company that needs a technical expert on call, we are here for you. As the expert, Pest and Food Safety Consulting can help you save time and money.


Consider the cost of lost customers, recalls, a bad review, or worse, pictures of your site or product with a pest on social media. Hiring an independent, experienced professional can mean more customized solutions, faster resolution, and often long term cost savings.

Who we work with:

I work with growing pest control companies and with numerous other industries. I consult with food processing and storage, hospitality, high risk warehousing, and more. I work with sensitive accounts like laboratories, museums, pharmaceuticals, and other locations that are especially sensitive to pest issues or present unique challenges to implementing pest management programs. I consult with growing pest control companies that do not have their own in-house technical experts. 

Proud members of:

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