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Pest Control Companies

The "big guys" have their entomologists and training departments. Why shouldn't you? You don't need a full time person yet, so that's where we step in. We have the credentials and the expertise to provide a full range of technical and training support on the scale you need it.

We create custom packages based on your needs. At a minimum, you get technical expertise to call on and a Board Certified Entomologist on your staff. 

You also get:

  • Better training - with better trained, more competent employees, your staff will be able to serve customers better. Research also shows that better trained employees are retained longer!

  • Faster resolution of problems - tough pest problems happen and I have been working with the pest management industry for years, helping solve complicated pest issues. The faster you can solve these problems, the happier your customers are the longer they stay with you. Plus better customer referrals!

  • Save money - with the right program in place, you get the right protection and quick resolution. The best technical advice gets you quick results, fewer call-backs, and more customer referrals.

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