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Running the Rat Race (AKA: I give a rat's ass)

I just finished with our first run of the “House Mouse: Exposed” seminar (four hours of in-depth and new house mouse info), I’m headed to TX this week to do some CEU training, and I haven’t even started working on my presentation for NPMA. Oh, and I haven’t gotten this week’s wine-ing done either. So this week’s blog is going to be a bit shorter. It’s still just as good though!

Rodents have been in the news a LOT lately so here’s the rundown:

Even celebrities have pest problems.

"I made eye contact!, I can't live like this!"

Like criminals, rats are running from the cops too.

Maybe it wanted to "rat" someone out?

Like police, they still need their coffee and doughnuts!

Lunch is important so they need their fried chicken.

Rats need some down time so why not catch a movie?

And after that, they are going to need a snack.

Just how many rats can come out of one trash bin?!?!

And rats are featured in a new Netflix film based on a Roald Dahl story.

Rats are spreading around unwanted friends.

READ THE LABEL!!! (what makes this even worse is the rodenticide is a restricted use product, a hotel should not have been able to get this!)

There is a reason why labels state ”keep out of reach of children”.

All that is just from the past few weeks. With winter around the corner, more and more rodents will try to make their way into structures.

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Lagniappe - because all those videos weren't enough for you? Fine:

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