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Best of 2023 (AKA: You folks are weird!*)

Let’s take a look back and see what happened last year!



  • You folks really like the “Hold your breath” blog talking about some really amazing abilities pests have that allow them to survive some pretty adverse conditions.

  • I’m with all of you who enjoyed “Seeing the light” where we asked the incredible Dr. Stuart Mitchell about what he does.

  • Roses are red” was your third most popular blog post from last year, and who can possibly not like clover mites?!

  • You are totally my people because you really liked “I was today years old” where I shared the cool stuff I learned from my “bug geek” conference. Hopefully, you learned something new too!

  • Rounding out the top five was the inaugural issue of “10 Questions with a Pro” where I got to ask the amazing James Miller a bunch of stuff about what he does. We are going to have many more of these posts with some of my favorite “pros” so stay tuned.


The newsletter is pretty popular; you folks who get it know you get lots of extras as well as the first look at the blog post.

  • The most popular was from early October, maybe for the cyborgs.

  • Followed by late October, because we did want to find out exactly how many rats in NYC

  • Then September with lots of interest in our "House Mouse Exposed!" seminar (more locations coming in 2024).

  • You all took the summer off because #4 was from March, you clicked on most of those links.

  • And finally was the beginning of August and I was really interested in the cockroach story too.


I’ve had a lot of fun doing the “wine-ing about pest control” series and apparently, you people did too!


I didn't dive too much into Linked In but "Fun Friday" remains very popular.

Much more wine-ing to come! Let me know if you have any requests for wine-ing, blogs, newsletters, posts, pros, whatever! Don't forget to follow us on Linked In, Facebook, YouTube, sign up for the weekly newsletter, and contact us to see how we can help you with all your pest problems!


*and I like it!

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