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I Was Today Years Old...(AKA: Old dog, new tricks)

A few weeks ago I was at the National Pest Management Association meeting. This week I'm at what I fondly call my "bug geek" conferences. It can seem like pest management and the pests involved haven't changed much. In one sense, they haven't: we still have the same pests and the same need to protect people, food, structures, and pets from them.

There is another side to it: there is new science! Since I am pressed for time because I have to run to the next fifty talks, here is a snippet of what's new. (And if you are one of my recurring clients, you will get ALL of what I gained this week!)

  • I have never been much of a fan of the 25b exempt products. New research and new chemistry is showing a couple of them may have efficacy equal to some of our traditional products.

  • Do you deal with bed bug jobs and worry about bringing back unwanted guests? Treating clothes with permethrin can prevent that.

  • House fly larvae aren't evenly distributed. New research shows that they "clump". So there are ways to use that information to treat more effectively with less product and less time. (you save $$!)

  • Do you have resistant bed bug populations? You likely do. Research presented here showed the most effective product (active ingredients) to treat with. Freebie for you: one of those is imidacloprid.

  • Mosquitoes and mosquito diseases are predicted to increase significantly in the US next year (2024), particularly dengue. Is there a way to treat one back yard when others in the area are untreated? (Hint: yep!)

This is a TINY sampling of what I've got. There are still two more days to go! The moral of this story is there is always more to learn about pest control. We can learn better methods, better products, and about emerging pests. If you aren't keeping up with what's new, you are losing time, money, and customers.

If you aren't one of my monthly customers, your competitors may be and they are getting this info. So why not see what I can do for you?

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