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Scary Thoughts (AKA: I’ve got your back)

This is going to be short, I’m at the NPMA annual conference and there is SO much going on. I’ve got committee meetings, meetings with vendors, a few meets with my current clients who are here, and of course, the education sessions.

I had a boss years ago who told me the only reason he went to conferences was to have a company paid vacation and drink. I’m all about seeing the area and having a few cocktails or wine. I’m not going to do that at the expense of participating at the conference.

Because of that, my clients get the news on the latest products and equipment. That puts them ahead of their competition. I get the newest science and best practices for the most effective control method. That means my clients get it too and they get to solve pest problems faster and make more happy customers.

So who has your back? Are you still going to google and trying to find information and hoping it’s right? I can save you that time and the uncertainty. Contact me.

And with all that extra time you now have, you can get more customers, make more money, and take an actual vacation!

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