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Celebrate Good Times! (AKA: Please send gifts)

This episode marks the 158th weekly blog post. That’s officially three years and two weeks of weekly ranting writing about all things urban pest related and probably a few things that weren’t. (Yes, I’m two weeks late.) It is a great time for reintroductions and to talk about what it is that I do (aside from writing this blog every week).

Hi. I’m Chelle. And I’m an entomologist.

It’s so much more than just insects. As someone who works in urban pest control, I get all kinds of arthropods including spiders, millipedes, centipedes, scorpions, ticks, and more. It also means I deal with rodents, birds, and other wildlife. If I started to list out all the pests I’ve dealt with, it would take up pages.

I work with small and mid-sized pest control companies all over the US and all over the world. If you are at one of the big companies, there is probably a fleet of entomologists and training personnel.

Smaller companies have….well….google.

That’s where I come in. I believe the smaller companies deserve to have those same resources on the time frames that they need them. I’m a “fractional” entomologist and trainer.

The companies I work with get the best scientific information on pests, products, equipment, and troubleshooting. They get to be ahead of the competition by doing the job more effectively and faster.

They also get targeted training that helps their people get the information they need, when they need it. Whether it’s for first year techs or the seasoned pros, regular training provides the new info as well as a refresher to keep them on point and prevent call-backs. Also, investing in regular training provides employees the tools to make their job easier and more effective.

Companies I work with get expert assistance on audited accounts to ensure their service always meets the audit guidelines.

Even better, they get their precious time back. Stop googling and asking around, hoping you get the right answer from someone. Spend your time managing people and getting more business. Since I am a Board Certified Entomologist, they can let their customers know they have a BCE on staff, something most smaller pest control companies don’t have.

Because of all that, my clients provide better service to their customers (fewer callbacks) and have been able to increase business with happier clients (better reviews). My clients also have better employee retention because they are better trained, able to solve pest issues faster and feel more valued.

I don’t just help pest control companies. I also help companies in industries like healthcare, hospitality, food processing, and much more. Industries that have a low tolerance for pest issues. I provide an independent assessment (outside of their pest control provider) of any recurring issues, provide plans to solve those problems, and deliver preventative strategies to prevent future issues. This can resolve pest problems fast, prevent them from occurring again, and help them work better with their pest control providers.

It has been an amazing and wonderful three years of helping some incredible companies grow and solve pest problems. If you are one of my current customers: thank you. I really can’t tell you how enjoyable and rewarding it has been to be part of your growth, helping your company. If you are not yet a customer, (why not?!?!) contact me to see what I can do for you.

Otherwise, your competition will.

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