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A Catchy Title (AKA my first post)

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Every blog post is supposed to start with an attention grabbing title. But what do you title

your very first blog post? Everything I have thought of has either sounded to trite or too basic. Maybe instead of talking about the title of this post, I can tell you about my title.

Hi, I'm Chelle Hartzer and I'm an entomologist. I changed my major halfway through undergrad and when I did, my mom flipped out. The phrases I remember from that "conversation" are:

I'm Board Certified
  • How can you do this to me?

  • You will change back IMMEDIATELY!

  • I can't tell my friends my daughter is an entomologist!

  • The only job you will ever be able to get is as a park ranger!

I had never considered a job as a park ranger so when she mentioned that, I thought it sounded pretty cool! Needless to say I did not switch my major, went on to get a graduate degree, and have had some pretty cool jobs as an entomologist (though still not as a park ranger). I worked at a large zoological institution overseeing their arthropod collection, I worked in research doing practical work with stored product pests, and worked in industry in pest control. I've seen some really amazing places and best of all I have helped people solve problems when it comes to pests. I have met incredible people, learned from them and every experience I've been in to gain the problem solving skills I now have. And I continue to hone those skills and keep learning and growing. That might be one of the best parts of my job, there's always something new. New pests, new problems, new products and equipment, new research.

I get to see new and interesting places!

I am with 360 Pest and Food Safety Consulting and I consult with companies to develop, enhance, and adapt their pest control programs with a focus on prevention and brand protection. I also troubleshoot when there are pest issues to fix them quickly and effectively. I work with small and medium sized pest control companies as a technical consultant as well as the companies that supply their products. I also perform lots of training sessions across a range of pest related subjects.

A couple random facts about me:

  • I have a special affinity for spiders (do NOT get me on my soapbox about brown recluses unless you have a few hours).

  • My superpower is the fuzzy cell phone picture. Send me a pic of a "bug" you took from eight feet away with no size reference and barely any definition and I can get pretty close to what it is.

  • I am a geek (or is it nerd?) when it comes to insects. I will totally nerd out and give you way more info than you every wanted if you let me.

  • I like to cook.

So that's me. I'm here to help you evaluate your program, ID that mystery "bug", and

troubleshoot. Contact me for more information on how I can help you and your company.

Oh, and my mom won't admit, but she's pretty ok with my degree now!

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