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What’s Your Favorite? (AKA: You liked that?)

It’s been more than a year of blogging and Linked In posts so this is a great time to look back and see what you folks reacted to the most. Plus, I’m on vacation (with any luck today I am traveling through Tsavo National Park), so let's count them down!

Top five linked in posts:

5. Understandable that you folks were “attracted” to the article on a new cockroach bait being developed using magnetics.

4. Coming in a strong fourth place was rodents in food facilities. And what to do about them!

3. You know my love/hate relationship with ants so I’m not sure if it’s good or bad that you picked Tiny Ants as your third favorite...

2. While I still don’t get who comes up with this stuff, National Pest Management Month was greatly liked by all of you.

1. You folks were really excited about the potential for a new Lyme vaccine.

And overall, everyone seems to really like the “Friday Fun” posts. I do too. So they will continue! (Not like I was going to stop!)

Top five blog posts:

5. You saw the light on this post. Did it light up your day?

4. Were you guys excited I was taking a vacation or excited about a mosquito post? Either way, fine with me!

3. Coming in a close third was cleaning for cockroaches. Or rather not cleaning… and having cockroaches.

2. My sister is going to be pretty impressed that this was your second favorite post since it was her idea!

1. Apparently you were as horrified? intrigued? mystified? by what some people write as “fact” as I was! This post on banning a common pesticide was the most read.

I have a lot of fun writing these and have been good at getting one of these out every week, plus an email newsletter with lots of bonus material. If you have any recommendations on upcoming posts, share that with me, I’m always looking for ideas. Comment below if I missed your favorite!

You can sign up for the bonus email newsletter on the website here.

Even though it’s not Friday, here’s some fun:

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