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Meet the Team (AKA: Who does the work around here?)

Our fearless leader is still on vacation (what a slacker) so we, her staff, are taking over the weekly blog to let you know that she does not do this on her own. We’d like to introduce you to the hardworking staff of 360 PFSC.

Max – CFO (Chief Feline Officer)

As CFO, Max is in charge of laying around, giving dirty looks when Chelle starts slacking off, and being cute and fluffy. She is adept at intervening in Zoom meetings and is pretty high maintenance but in the most adorable way.

Favorite activity – begging (loudly) for treats whenever someone is in the vicinity of the treat package.

Ralph – CSO (Chief Stress-reducing Officer)

Ralph the spider is an important part of the office and is typically under a lot of pressure. But reducing stress is what he does. Like a champ, he always springs back and is ready to help more.

Favorite quote – “Stressed spelled backward is desserts.”

Jodi – CEO (Chief Environmental Officer)

Keeping an environmental mindset is very important in our office. Pest management is about protecting the environment and we strive to use all the tools we can to deal with pest issues. Jodi is great at “clearing the air” when we are having team meetings.

Favorite job responsibility – talking with Joe the sloth about how to make the world better.

That’s just some of our staff here at 360 PFSC working to make sure you get the best service we can provide to help you solve problems faster, gain more customers, and retain more employees.

It’s great to meet you!

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